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Sunday, May 2, 2010

15 Millon Party Giveaways!

Hey everyone...
I got this aquarium!
And 2 of those!
I love the aquarium..
Isn't it cool?
Comment to have a free Mopod Code!

Cap n' Buck: Coolest and Stickest him!

Cap n' Buck is so cool!
See that bird on his head?
And he is a little sticky!

Undies Saver!!

The Heroine to save the day!
She have an underwear!
An eyewear!
A cape!
And a smile to protect the monsters!
She is....ummm...Undies Poppet?

Moshi Monsters Beijing Olympics 2009

Isn't it cute?
I like the Katsuma!
The Poppets too!
And the "nest" behind!


Who have you voted for?
Go to if you have not voted...
I chose David Camergroan (1st from left)
Who have you voted for?

Cryin' Furi!

Awwww...Come and join Moshi Monsters before the Furi cries!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The name of this moshiling is "Ecto" (air-k-toe)
Like the moshiling?
It's rare and I know how to get it...
It's cute!
It make a "ooohhooohoooh" sound!
Want to get it?
It's for "sale" of a price of 3 gifts/15 visits(all 5 stars rating)

Check your moshiling!

Check list!!! Click on the picture for full-screen image....
You can print the check list if you want...
Isn't it cool?

Mopod Code

First three people to comment on my blog will get a free mopod code!!!
Quick! Be fast!


Moshiling Codes!!!

Do you want codes for moshilings?

Normal moshiling---1 gift
Uncommon moshiling---2 gifts
Rare moshiling---3 gifts
Ultra Rare moshiling---5 gifts

P.S If you are not a member or don't have enough rox, visit me 10 times and rate me 5 stars everyday and you will have a free normal moshiling code...

Moshi Monsters Rock!!!

Moshi Monsters should be the best game ever created!!!
Look at the picture!!! Isn't it cool?
Tell me what to improve on my blog...and tell all your friends about it!
P.S Send me a gift please, moshi members!

Moshi Monsters

Hi! anyone of you have a moshi monters account?
If yes, visit me! I'm called "radquadssjk"...
If no, go to and have a free account!

Regards, radquadssjk